Our breeding program has been closely associated with Heather Allen of Mullentine stud who provided us with two fantasic brood mares, 'Cavcoe Mulcreevy' and 'Mullentine Sailing' and several youngsters.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Heather for her continued support and advice.

With our breeding program now firmly in place we are establishing a string of top quality horses and we are confident of continue international success.  Have a look through our catalogue below and contact us to view our horses for sale and investment part owner options.


Stable name:  Jazz
Height: 16.2hh
Born:  2006
Breeding:  By Gardeur x Proud Cruise
Owned by Melanie Etherington
Jazz was on the Eventing Equine Pathway a few years ago but unfortunately due to lameness has had to end her promising career as an Event horse.  She is now being persuaded to fullfill her potential as a broodmare. In 2016 she had 2 successful embryo transfer foals by Everdale.  BE points:  14 P


Stable name:  Tilly
Height:  16.1hh
Born: 2004
Breeding:  By Presenting X Effisio
Tilly is an ex racehorse and is now enjoying her new job as a broodmare.  She is mother to Alfie, Reggie, Ziggy and Leafy who was born April 2018


Stable name:  Maggie
Height: 16.2 hh
Born: 1998 
Breeding:  By Cavalier Royale x Chanticle Covers xx
Maggie is a premium ISH broodmare previously at Mullentine stud.  Her offspring includes Mullentine Royale Lux who is successfully showjumping in America.  Maggie is mother to Minstral, Lizzy, Lyra and Forest and Fawkes. She gave birth to Minx in 2017 and is now retired 


Stable name:  Lizzy
Height:  16.2hh
Born:  2012
Breeding:  Grafenstolz x Cavalier Royale
Home Bred
Lizzie was broken in last year but an injury put a halt to her development. Now fully recovered Lizzy has come back into work over the winter and will be ready to start her eventing career this summer. With 3 stunning paces, a scopey jump and a very bold XC technique we have very high hopes for her future!


Stable name:  Lyra
Height:  Unknown
Born:  2013
Breeding: Wish Upon a Star x Cavalier Royale
Home Bred
Lyra is currently being backed and has a beautiful temperament to work with. Very settled and ready to please, Lyra has shown off some beautiful paces and is developing great jumping technique.


Stable name:  Alfie
Height:  16.1hh
Born:  2013
Breeding:  Brief Encounter (x Jumbo) x Presenting
Home Bred
​Alfie is currently being backed and is a little pocket rocket! He is definitely going to be a XC machine!


Stable name:  Apple
Height:  16.1hh
Born:  2013
Breeding:  Tresor Mail x Sailing x Ben Purple
Home Bred
Apple is currently being backed and ridden on. Despite a shaky start to the process she is very sweet natured and an exciting prospect for the future. She has an outstanding jump, having jumped over a 5 bar gate as a yearling! she is proving to be careful,scopey and brave.


Stable name: Forest
Height: Big!
Born:  2014
Breeding: Jaguar Mail x Cavalier Royale
Forest is currently occupied with growing! We are hoping she will stop soon but she really is a big friendly giant who happens to have beautiful paces. She will be broken alongside Elsa and Reggie this summer.


Stable name: Elsa
height: 16.3hh
Born: 2014
Breeding: Grafenstolz x Sailing x Ben Purple
Elsa is due to be broken in this summer, she has big shoes to fill following Apollo and Dante but has the same friendly temperament. She has great potential with lovely paces and an expressive jump.


Stable name: Reggie
Height: unknown
Born: 2014
Breeding: Granfenstolz x Presenting
Reggie is due to be broken in this summer although he has already been sat on in the barn - he's so laid back! He is a very smart boy with 3 lovely paces and with his temperament we are very much looking forward to working with him.


Stable Name: Fawkes
Height: unknown
Born: 2015
Breeding: Chilli Morning x Cavalier Royale
Fawkes is a sweet horse who spent most of his days as a foal asleep on someones lap! He is growing into a smart looking horse with floating paces. We are hoping one day he will follow in his dads' footsteps.


Stable name: Ziggy
Height: unknown
Born: 2015
Breeding: Ricardo Z x Presenting
Ziggy definitely takes after her mum and was cantering round within hours of being born, as she gets older she only seems to get faster! She is definitely going to be a pocket rocket. 


Stable names: Zena and Bowie
Height: unknown
Born: 2016
Breeding: Embryo transfer from Jazz by Everdale
After failing to get Jazz in foal, her owner Mel decided to go down the route of embryo transfer. Zena and Bowie were born in 2016 through the efforts of Beaufort Embryo transfer services. Since then they have been two of a kind, both black with small white stars, Zena is laid back and very sweet, whilst Bowie is a mile-a-minute. They are already showing lovely paces and have an exciting future ahead!


Stable name: Minx
Height: unknown
Born: 2017
Breeding: Herald III x Cavalier Royale
Minx is certainly living up to her name! She may be the youngest of the lot but she doesn't let that stop her.

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