Cross Country


The Cross Country Course consists of over 100 hundred obstacles of all types ranging from 0.40cm to 1.10m in height.  The course is circular and is a great environment for schooling young horses or preparing more experienced horses for competition.

There are 2 large water jumps, 7 ditches, 10 steps/drops and an example of all the regularly seen XC jumps such as skinnies, arrowheads, rails, brushes, triple-bars, triple-brushes, ditch palisades, trakenners, logs etc.  There is lots out there to jump.  Why not come along and have a go :) 



Outdoor Arenas


There are 3 outdoor all weather arenas available at Leyland Court, which have sand and rubber and combi ride dual fibre surfaces they are sized as 45m x 55m (Show jumps included), 45m x 25m and 65m x 25m.

In the winter the portable cross country fences are used in the arenas to create a great eventers challenge course.

There is also a grass derby arena available.

The course includes a devils dyke, derby bank, ditches, water jump and road crossing, among other purpose built fences. Perfect for first timers or for pre competition practice sessions.



Indoor Arena


50m x 20m Andrews Bowen Waxed Propell Surface. Lights are free to use and there are poles and wings available at no extra cost but must be removed after using the arena.

The arena is best used for dressage training and working young horses out of the elements.

There are also weekly Free jumping sessions held in the indoor arena. You can contact the office on info@leylandcourt.co.uk for more info and to book in.



Also available to hire

  • Full set of Show jumps,

  • Sound system,

  • Judges Boxes,

  • Ladies and Gents Toilets,

  • Large Gravel Lorry Park,

  • Heated viewing/Lecture Room

  • Dressage Markers

  • Commentators and Scorers Bus

  • Timing gates and equipment.

  • Large fields for running shows and for parking.

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