Covid-19 Rules for Competition from 29th March 2021

General competition procedures for Jumping and Dressage.

➔ Under current restrictions, the number of people permitted on site will be limited through the day, so entry numbers may be restricted to manage this effectively.

➔ In addition to the rider, only one other person is permitted to attend per horse. This could be an owner, trainer or groom, but the limit is one extra person per combination.

➔ An additional person is also permitted as the nominated parent, guardian or carer for all Under 18s and Para riders.

No spectators are permitted on site; other than competitors’ access will be limited to venue staff, officials and pre-accredited media and photographers only.

➔ The secretary’s office will be closed to the public to minimise unnecessary contact, but assistance will still be available on site and contact numbers will be provided.

➔ Provision will be made for a first aider with appropriate PPE and knowledge of procedures under COVID-19 provisions.

➔ Competitions will be run in a way that avoids unnecessary contact. This includes the removal of scoreboards and no prize giving presentations, while results will be posted online.

➔ We will make it possibe for competitors to scan or photograph completed test sheets and either email results or post sheets out to competitors after the competition. We may distribute score sheets on the day of competition, providing this can be done in a controlled manner avoiding interaction and social distancing can be maintained at all times.

➔ Soft face coverings that cover the mouth and nose may be worn while riding, although these remain optional for competitors. No face shields are permitted and nothing should attach to the riding hat.

➔ Toilet facilities will be open and cleaned regularly.

➔ Cafes will be open for takeaway only at present and competitors must consume food and drink outdoors. Competitors can take their own refreshments and supplies, as required.

➔ You may be required to wait between tests in your car / lorry so be prepared – take a book, laptop, tablet or something similar to occupy your time.

➔ No stabling is permitted at competitions at this time, until 12 April at the earliest (in England) when restrictions may be relaxed.

➔ Competitors must bring all their own equipment including water supply, which should be stored in their own horseboxes or trailers when not in use.

➔ As per DEFRA requirements and BHS rules, equine passports should accompany all horses during travel and be made available for inspection if requested.

➔ Horses must be vaccinated in accordance with BHS rules. However, there is an amnesty in place for the six month requirement until 30 June 2021. BHS strongly recommends that all horses receive their six month vaccination at the earliest opportunity.

➔ All safeguarding, horse welfare and anti-doping policies will be followed and monitored as normal.

➔ Commanders are allowed for tests, providing they adhere to social distancing at all times. They should be included in the people allocation permitted for additional rider support. If the venue is able to offer this service, they must use their own test sheets.