We are very lucky to work with a whole host of equine specialists and sponsors who allow us to keep our horses in tip top condition and we are

extremely grateful to our sponsors for their continued support.  All of them have played a massive part in supporting the continued success of our horses, if you would like to find out more about their products and services click on the links below.

Langford Vets is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Bristol. they offer first-class, friendly, first opinion and referral services for your horse. As a teaching hospital they are committed to providing gold standard care for your horse. This is not just limited to the procedures your horse will receive, but extends to cover all aspects of your horse's stay including their nursing, rehabilitation and overnight care. Their clinicians are recognised Specialists in their field, and are able to provide treatment at the cutting edge of Veterinary science

McNamara Fencing was established in 1988. They specialise in horse fencing and structures for stud farms including paddock fencing, arenas and loading bays. They  advise and design fencing system to suit your individual needs and budget, supply the necessary materials at best prices and, if you want, they will erect the fence for you. Their fencing crew is highly trained and experienced and provide a service that is second-to-none.
After we lost a youngster to a fencing accident we vowed to improve the safety of our fencing. Since using MacNamara fencing in 2008 we have never had any issues, despite the horses natural desire to damage themselves!

Hoof Hearted is a small friendly local business that specialises in equestrian embroidery run by one of our livery owners  Kara Mitchelmore.  She now has a small shop on our premises and has provided us with some top quality embroidered products. Just bring your garments to Kara and she will transform them!

Other sewing and alteration jobs also taken on.

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