The team here at Leyland Court represent a huge range of skills and experience from all parts of the equestrian industry.  From vets, equine physiotherapists, equine dentists, farriers, grooms, riders and managers everyone is vital to the success of the yard and the physical and emotional health of our horses.

Kirsty Bowler - Yard Manager

Kirsty is a an invaluable member of the team.  She keeps the liveries and the other staff members happy and under control as well as making sure the other aspects of Leyland Court such as the arena hire, competition and maintenance of the yard runs smoothly.

She ensures that Katie and Alice know which horses need to be exercised outside of the competition schedules and organises the volunteers for the competitions - definitely a GO TO person!

Jason Pennell - Groom / Farm Worker

Jason has recently joined the team as the new groom/farm worker   He lives on site and is currently honing his skills in the general everyday care of the horses as well as utilising his tractoring skills for maintaining the yard and learning how to ride in the correct, classical method.  He is enrolled at Summerhouse and will hope to become a Level 2 graduate in 2019.

Jeremy Kneen 

Estate Maintenance & Veterinary Care

Jeremy is the DIY King of Leyland.  Despite being a Veterinary Surgeon who still works in Plymouth two days a week, he is also a budding Farmer, Electrician, Plumber and Carpenter amongst other things.  He is the 'go to guy' if you need help, and is always around to support the whole team in whatever way he can.  He is a hero to all.

Gisella Kneen 

Trainer, Maintenance & Veterinary Care

Gisella is the life and soul of the operation.  Her unending enthusiasm and interest in the horses and their development as well as her dedication to the running of the yard and the education of the liveries and staff alike, she represents the whole purpose and ethics of Springtime Equestrian and has many years experience maintaining the competition horses in top condition.

Although a skilled Veterinary Surgeon she is the person to go to for advice, whether about the training of the riders or the health of your horse.   with many years experience maintaining the competition horses in top condition. If you see her around, ask her about falling off at the BE100 at Aldon and who gave her a leg up!

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