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*Road Closure*

The north end of Trench Lane, where the road goes over the M4 is closed for 6 weeks from the 27th July 2020.  To access Trench Lane you need top follow the diversion through Bradley Stoke from the Aztec West Roundabout or exit off the M4 at the M32 junction and follow satnav from there.  






































Please see the maps for route information :)

In order to open our facilities to the public there are certain rules that we must enforce in order to insure the safety of our family, liveries and clients.  These rules MUST be abided by.  Anyone disregarding these rules onsite will be asked to leave.

*BRING YOUR OWN WATER!*. Although we are sure most of you do this anyway, when travelling a horse as you need to bring water incase you are stranded for any reason, please note that the normal wash off areas that are normally free to use are NOT available to use for people hiring the facilities.  Please adhere to any signs saying 'livery use only' (they are there for a reason).

*USE THE STERILISATION POINTS PROVIDED*. Before entering the arenas, using a poo scoop, adjusting the heights of fences etc. please ensure you wash your hands with the sterilisation equipment provided, and wipe down any surfaces available for the next person to use.  IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LEAVE THE JUMPS AS YOU FOUND THEM, pick up all the poles you've taken down, replace the fillers and readjust the distances.  The less the next person in the arena needs to touch the fences the better.

*SOCIAL DISTANCING*. You are ONLY allowed to travel with family members and are ONLY allowed to meet with ONE person from outside your family group.  You must stay 2m apart at all times and not share any equipment.  ONE person per horse and rider may come to spectate (the cross country course is not a family space to come and walk your dogs or exercise your children!)

*PARK 5m APART* Leave plenty of space between you and the next park.

*TOILETS* The toilets are available for emergency use.  Please follow the rules of use, wash hands before and after.

BHS COVID-19 Update

Following the British Equestrian's statement on the 1st June, we are opening our outdoor facilities for group bookings with the following restrictions:

For all home nations, the following should be observed when carrying out any activity:

  • All activity must be outdoors

  • All should observe the relevant guidance on health, hygiene and physical distancing (two metres in all cases)

  • Everyone involved should be responsible for implementation of guidelines that ensure their safety

  • Coaches, venues and equestrian centres should carry out COVID-19-specific risk assessments and check with their insurance providers before any activity convenes. They should communicate regularly with their clients regarding all risk management measures and guidance in place so all parties understand what they will be required to follow.

For ENGLAND the changes mean:

  • Riders/drivers – groups of six people from separate households can now ride together, or five plus a coach. Riders and drivers can responsibly exercise horses outside, anywhere where there is legal access.

  • Coaches – can now teach groups of five people from separate households in a session held in an outdoor facility or training venue.

  • Venues – groups of six people from separate households can now ride together in outdoor spaces, or five plus a coach.

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We have a number of competition horses available for sale, please contact us to discuss.  Video available on request, please click onto the 'Springtime Equestrian' link for more information.


We have a number of quality 2nd hand saddles for sale, please click below to view.


We have a range of gift vouchers which can be purchased and used for full or part payment towards use of our facilities.  These are available in £5, £10 and £20 denominations, please contact us directly to purchase.


To enquire about spaces for Livery at Leyland Court, please follow the livery section in the top menu or click on the photo opposite and fill out a livery enquiry form.  If there is a space suitable for your horse we will be in contact. Please comment whether you wish to be placed on the waitlist for a space.

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